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Can I remove the 'comment' field from the test results?

I’ve configured the ‘result fields’ to use various custom fields that we want, and am trying to set up a new configuration for the ‘exploratory testing’ template that’s available now.

But I don’t see a way to control the ‘comment’ field (description showing underneath: “Describe your test result.”). I’d like this to show up only when using one specific template. Is that a system field that comes with TestRail? If so, is it possible to assign it only to particular templates?

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Thanks for your posting. The Comment field is always there and cannot be disabled/hidden currently. The reason for this is that this field is typically an important part of the workflow and also part of the three-pane view and the basis for exploratory testing:

I’m happy to suggest the best possible implementation if you could share a few more details on what you are trying to accomplish.


This has just arisen as a bit of an issue for me. I’m trying to drive exploratory testing forwards in my organisation, and to do that want to be able to offer it in a way which makes it work for the whole team. Having a preset field at the top of the results tab really isn’t conducive to that. I get that it’s a mandatory field, but it would be very helpful to be able to change it in the field order, or let us edit the description. I don’t want the results to go first in an exploratory test. I want them to be able to write the charter for that particular session, then have fields to help them move through the test, with a summary field (which I could use the comments field for) coming about half way down. It makes no logical sense in this situation to have it at the top, and because I can’t edit the description either there is no way round it.

For a product that is supposed to be super customisable, this is rather disappointing.

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for the post! With some HTML and JavaScript knowledge, it may be possible to use a UI script within TestRail to rearrange the results dialog and move fields to meet your needs.

While we haven’t tried this ourselves to ensure moving this field will not affect data submission, we do have many teams who utilize UI scripts to manipulate TestRail’s interface to suit their needs and perform minor customizations. You may also find another user’s script on our Forums and use it to help accomplish this goal.


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Thanks Jon, I’ll take a look.