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Can I print a test run without the Status column showing up?


I currently “export” my test runs for review (by our separate QA team) by selecting Print, then printing to PDF. I notice that I can change which columns show up in this PDF file using the “Columns” selector when accessing the test run. But the Status column always shows up. I would like to print the test run WITHOUT the Status column showing up…it just confuses other people if they are asked to review a test plan that has Passes and Fails in it.

This probably isn’t available since the Status column seems to be a default. But can I put in a request to add this feature? Maybe some kind of print option in the dialog that comes up that allows you to either include or exclude Status.

Thanks, Jeff


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting. The Status column is a default column and always visible (on the test run page directly and the print views). Happy to look into this as an option but the Status column is important on this page (to see which tests passed/failed etc.) so I’m not sure if this option would be used frequently.