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Can I notify the next tester the step is ready to be executed? (Ready for next tester)

We have test cases the require more than one person to execute steps in a test case OR when one set of test cases is completed, the next set of test cases are ready to be executed by another tester. Is there a means to notify a tester that the next step or next test case is ready to be executed?

I was thinking I could create a custom Status of “Ready for next tester” that could be set; however, I would like an email or notification of some sort to be sent so the next tester would know.

Is there a means to do this? Is there a way to create a custom script that would allow for that?

Let me know if you find a way - currently my team uses a combination of Jira, TestRail and messaging to track who is assigned a test case at any given point during testing.

The key point we use is that when a test case moves to a new person, we notify via messenger who is assigned and which test case. We use jira to track who is currently assigned. Test Rail is to hold the comments/results only.