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Can I move a Project


I have some projects under this URL
however due to a re-org we have created a new area
And wish to move a couple of projects to make finding, organising, simpler.

Is this possible?


You can export from the old and import to the new.


Hello Stuart,

Thanks for your posting! There are two ways to migrate your data. You can either use the XML export/import as Brian suggested (thank you!) and this would be supported for the cases in your projects. You can simply export your cases from the instance and import them again in

If you want to migrate other things as well (projects, users, test runs & results), we can alternatively also restore a database backup from abc to 123 and you can selectively delete the data you don’t need in the 123 instance afterwards. This would override the full database of 123, so it’s only an option if you just recently created this instance. If you prefer the database backup and restore, please contact us via email at

I hope this helps!