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Can I lock a test case?

Hello. I’m new to TestRail and trying to see if we can use it.
I was wondering if there is a way to lock a test case?
Use case: I need to show that a test case being run is the same as the one which was approved (and “released”).


Hi Ed,
TestRail has a leak for such processes.
If you start creating a result for a test (means to execute a test in a run), the actual test case description is used.
In addition there is no release process for changes in cases. You can simulate it with a custom field, but you can’t prevent users to add it to a run or execute it. Probably a UI script can help here, but this is at least not standard.


Thanks Karen.
We use a different tool to “approve” documents such as test protocols.
It sounds like the only way to confirm that the test protocols used when starting to create test results are the same as the ones “approved” a week ago (whenever) is to compare them manually (or look at their history)… which is not really sustainable especially with large sets.
Seems like “versioning” would be a good feature request :).