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Can I hide System Status items for individual projects?


In addition to using TestRail for tracking testing, I’m investigating using it to track manufacturing tasks. I’ve created a set of statuses more inline with manufacturing terms (eg. Complete, Needs Part, In Progress).

  1. I’d like to hide the generic system statuses of Pass, Blocked, Untested and Retest for manufacturing projects (only), but unlike result fields, I don’t see a way to do that.

  2. I’d like to change the “% passed” to calculate on “% complete.”

I tried to search for scripts to do these things, but nothing seemed to fit. Maybe there are solutions, but I missed them?

My TestRail is hosted, if that matters.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Damian,

Thanks for your posting! The system statuses (Passed/Failed/etc.) are currently always displayed but it’s already planned to make this more flexible. We would also like to add support for customizing the total percentage (currently matches the Passed status), so that you can configure which statuses would contribute to this number.