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Can I edit a test case during a test run?


It would be useful to be able to edit a test case from Test Runs & Results because as I am going through my test run I am finding some edits that need to be made.

Is this possible? I have not yet found a way to edit while in Test Runs, I have to go back to Test Suites and Cases, find the offending test case and then edit it there and then go back to my test run.


Hello Pattik,

Thanks for your posting. You can use the “Test Case” link on the test page to jump to the test case and edit it there. There’s currently no direct edit functionality when you view a test run or test but it is already planned to look into this. Thanks for your feedback on this and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



The topic is quite old, but the same question arises with our testers now and then. They want to edit (do corrections, add hints or screenshots) the test cases while testing. At the moment they do this by opening the test case in a new tab and use the edit button there. But they find that a bit disturbing during testing.

Any news on that issue?


5.2 (and 5.1 I think) supports editing from the Test Run and Results screen - I use it often.


Thx for your hint. Yes, our testers use the “Edit Case” button in the Result screen to get to the edit view too.

But usually the work with the view shown in the following screenshot and I cannot find any edit option there.

Of course it’s not really a big thing - it’s just a bit inconvenient…


Hi Manu,

Thanks for your posting. You can quickly edit cases via the Edit Case link on the test page and we would also recommend opening this in separate tabs. It’s already planned to look into edit support for the three-pane views as well and thanks for your feedback on this!