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Can I define Test Run sections distinctly from Test Case sections?



I’ve set up test cases using a variety of sections and sub-sections. These test cases get multiple use over a number of sprints, releases and projects - basically they are multi-purpose.

For a current project, my audience is such that, for the execution plan, I will only be pulling in certain tests BUT more importantly, I want to call the Sections of the Test Run completely different things to what they are called under Test Cases - so that they are a terminology the customer will understand.

Can this be done? I seem to be dictated by the section / subsection names used for a scenario in the Test Case tab.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your post. TestRail would use the same section/subsection titles that you have created in your project. With that in mind, you could copy those test cases into a new section with the new name that you are wanting to use. Once you have completed the new test run, etc., you could then archive that test run. Once the test run is archived, you could simply delete the section with the test cases copies.

Would this work?


Hi Marty & co,

Um, it would work… but it feels like quite a workaround from a user’s point of view, for fairly basic functionality! Is it something you’d consider adding in the future?

Also, in your workaround idea - why would I need to archive the test run? Is Test Run the same as Complete? (Or is it that I cannot delete test cases until an associated test run has been archived???)

Many thanks,

Simon Rigler


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply! The workaround Marty mentions requires the closing/completion of test runs (which also archives the test run and test cases in the background) so that the version of test cases/sections are saved before removing them in the test case repository. It’s not a very common use case to have separate section names on the test run level than the main test case repository, but we’re happy to review this for a future update. Hope this helps!




I would really appreciate it, if you can add this feature in. Teams which work through multiple sprints and releases need to group the test cases per user story or bugs. If the test run allow the sections, it will be easy for the team to understand the test runs and the results.