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Can I copy a Test Run (with selected test cases) within a Test Plan


I am creating a Test Plan with multiple Test Runs for different configurations. I need to select specific test cases and then duplicate them for all configurations (e.g. run a subset of test cases for different countries on specific devices). Currently, I can create a Test Plan and add a Test Run, modify the test run to include only needed test cases and assign a configuration I want to test for. Difficulty arises when trying to add the next Test Run. I have to repeat the process of selecting the same set of required test cases. Is there any way I can avoid repeating the process of selecting test cases ? If not I would like to request this as a feature enhancement.

An option within the Test Plan creation page to copy the Test Run with selected Test Cases. This will save my team’s time of repeating the selection of around 300 test cases for around 7 configurations, manually each time.


Hello Naman,

Thanks for your posting! Have you looked into using the same test plan entry (group of runs) inside the plan? A group can share the same configuration options such as the case selection or assignee and this would apply to all configurations/runs in this group (unless you override the options per configuration/run). This looks as follows:

Also, if you selected your cases via the filters in the sidebar you can reuse the same filter for other runs as well (the filter is preserved as long as you are on the plan form).

I hope this helps!