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Can I clone test cases and keep them linked together?


I have many test cases that have exactly the same steps, but need to be run in different contexts of the application.

I already know how to copy test cases. But I would like to link them together. This way I could change only one of them, when I need so.

Also, is this possible in the same project context and cross-project?

Thank you


Hello Carina,

Thanks for your posting! You can copy test cases (either via drag & drop in the same case repository or via the Copy&Move Test Cases across suites/projects). Linking/sharing test cases is currently not possible but there are usually other options to implement this. For example, if you want to run the same test in multiple contexts, one good approach is to define a base case and then simply reference this case (e.g. as part of your preconditions or steps, for example). You can reference other test cases via the [C#] syntax (e.g. [C17]).

If you want to run your tests against different configurations instead (operating systems, browsers, etc.), I can recommend reviewing TestRail’s test plan and configuration features: