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Can I bulk edit test result fields without editing the status


Hi. I just started using Testrail, my team is testing mobile apps, and we have a large collection of devices and OS version. I need to track which tests were conducted on which devices and OSs. I’ve added custom fields to my test results for “OS Version” and “Device”. Entering devices and OS version for every single test is getting tedious. We tried using bulk edit to enter those values for an entire test run, but that also updated the status of all the cases edited.
Is there a way to edit these fields without changing the status of the test case?


Hi Bob!

We highly recommend using TestRail’s built-in features for testing against multiple devices or operating systems (environments). TestRail has a “configuration” feature just for this use case and this is part of the test plans:

This would automatically create new test runs for your configurations and it wouldn’t be needed to set OS/Device manually per test.

I hope this helps!