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Can I assign deadlines to test cases within a test run/test plan?


I’m not sure if I don’t understand how this should work or if this is a feature request, but I can’t use the milestones information the way I’d expect.

I have a test plan set up that has about a dozen test suites in it, each with multiple test cases. I see when I create a new test plan that I can associate it with a milestone. However, when creating a test plan I can’t associate individual test suites or cases within that test plan with a milestone.

And if I have associated a test case with a milestone when writing the test case, this doesn’t seem to have any effect when that test case becomes part of a test plan.

What I want to be able to do is set up a test plan with many tests, assign those tests to individual testers, AND give the testers a deadline to get through those tests. So say I have milestones defined for next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – the testers would know what they need to get done by each of those deadlines. That’s what I was trying to use the Milestone field for. Is there any way to do that currently in TestRail?



Thanks for your feedback. Milestones allow you to manage software releases, iterations or new application versions in TestRail. It’s not directly intended to use this to set milestones for specific runs, sections or tests. The milestone field for test cases basically allow you to record which software version a test case has been added for (e.g. if a test case was added for a feature in a specific software version). Since we found that most teams don’t link test cases to specific milestones we will likely migrate this field to a custom field in the future and make it optional).

We do plan to consider assigning individual tests and sections to specific users directly from the test plan edit/add page. For now you can assign individual tests and entire sections directly from the test run pages though. Supporting deadlines is also something we will look into for a future update.

You could structure your test runs in a way that they signals the deadline in the meantime though. So for example you could include only the tests for a specific deadline in a test run and change the name of the run to signal it (e.g. “Installer (to be completed until Monday)”). You can include multiple test runs of the same test suite in a plan and thus structure your test runs this way.

I hope this helps.