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can execution of a test case be reflected under multiple suite under the same plan


I have a test plan which has a number of suits but there are a few tests which is common among suits
is it possible that when I execute and pass a test case in suit A the execution status of this gets update across suits which
has this test case

plan A
Suite 1 and Suite 2
both Suite have a test case T1
now if I run T1 in Suite 1 and pass it same gets updated for T1 present under Suite 2


Hey there,

Thanks for the post. Currently, the tests in each run within a test plan are not linked, and the status of each would need to be updated manually within each run. Test plans within TestRail are generally meant to test the same suite of tests cases within different environments, and linking the statuses between the different runs may cause unwanted behavior or confusion for the testers.

I hope that clarifies things! Let me know if you have any further questions or if I’ve misunderstood by replying here or reaching out to the support team at