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Can 'accidentally' deleted test cases be brought back to life


I know this is what happen when the role I assigned had to much permission.

Anyhow I have a Test Suite of test cases that were accidentally deleted. I checked the cases table and they were not there. Is that correct that they have been physically been deleted from the database with no recovery option?
Or in it somehow still in the DB in some hidden table where a flag can be reset to make the cases ‘visible’ again.


Hello Roy,

TestRail doesn’t use logical deletes but removes the data from the database directly. We do this for various reasons, including performance and scalability concerns. However, you could get the deleted test cases back from a recent backup or file export if you have any of those.



No worries Dennis, I have recreated those deleted test cases. Now I know it’s physical deletes.

But thanks to offer to retrieve the lost test cases from backup.