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Can a user have access to ONLY 1 project?


How can I make sure that the selected user has access to ONLY 1 particular project?
Does this mean, that the site settings should have default settings set to “No Access”, and then grant the concerned user to have a project access as “read-only” (or to that effect)…or is there an alternate way?


Hi Meetu,

Thanks for your post! This would be the recommended method for this as you would be able to control each user’s project permissions as they’re added to TestRail. So starting with this permissions configuration is the best approach usually so that you don’t have to manually change many project/user permisssions later. You can also look into using user groups to accomplish this as well. Essentially, you would just configure the group to have no access by default on each project, and ensure that each user is added to the group upon creation. From there, you can manually add their specific project access afterwards. You can view our full documentation and scenario recommendations on our website here:

Hope this helps!