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Calling Testrail Testrun by Link from MS Office


I have a problem occuring after upgrading to Testrail 4.x:
I generate test status reports via Testrail DB access in MS Excel 2010. In this report I generate links back to the testrail runs used in the report.
When using Testrail 3.x I remember it worked fine. But now Testrail opens with the dashboard view, not the run view of the run adressed.
Using the same link directly in IE, Firefox, as a Desktop link on Win7.0 or in OpenOffice Calc works fine. Using the link from MS Excel or MS Word 2010 doesn’t work.
Using a similar Link to a Jira Ticket works fine from MS Office.
Might be sligthly off topic, but I hope anybody has similar expierences an in best case a solution.




Hello Matthias,

Thanks for your posting. We’ve seen this issue before and I believe Excel is using an incorrect/ill-formatted URL (e.g. backslashes instead slashes) and TestRail redirects to the dashboard. Could you please try this again and check if Excel uses the correct URL?