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Calling an automated tool application from TestRail through js customisations


Hi All,

I’ve been mulling this over but hopefully (after reading some of the other posts) i’m trying this out. If I used a basic javascript function i.e.

function runApp()
var shell = new ActiveXObject(“”);“xxxxxx.exe”, 1, True);

As an example…

How can i plug this in to the customisations with the “$(document).ready(
function() {”

Would I still need to use the $(document).ready(… or would I need to place my function server side in order for it to run?

Thanks in advance



Thanks for your posting. We usually recommend starting automation tools outside of TestRail and then submitting the results via TestRail’s API:

This makes it much easier to modify your automation stack in the future and it’s also easier to automate the triggering (e.g. via cron or other scheduling tools).



Thanks Tobias,

Maybe I’m looking to deep into things… time to start looking from the outside in :smile:


Thanks, Max. :slight_smile: Please let me know in case any additional questions come up, we are happy to help.