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Calculated field option


As a team releasing our product almost weekly, we are not able to run all our test cases every time. Therefore we are working on a system to do some sort of Risk Based Testing, were we take certain factors into account.

those are given a number from 1 - 5, and the risk factor is determined by multiplying the numbers from each category.

is there a way for Test Rail to calculate a number based on the numerical information in 2 other fields?


Hi John,

Thanks for your posting! You can certainly add additional fields but a calculation of these two fields wouldn’t be supported directly in TestRail. You could look into using the CSV exports in this case and include the two columns in the export. You could then do the calculation in an external tool such as Excel, for example.



Hi Tobias,

thanks for your response, but doing the calculation outside of Test Rail and storing it there will not help us, as we actually want to create test runs using the calculated field.

so my guess is that our only option is to have 3 fields, two for the initial numbers and a third for the result that we will have to fill in manually , so we can use it to filter test cases for test runs


Hi John,

Yes, using three fields sounds like the best option then and this would allow you to create test runs and base your case selection on these fields (with the filters on the Select Cases dialog).