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C# test_plan_entry : 400 Error - invalid or duplicate configurations


Currently integrating TestRail within a C# Console Application.

The purpose of which is to automated our test plan entry creation.

Currently my data object is structured as such:

Dictionary<string, object> data =  new Dictionary<string, object>() 
                {"suite_id", string_variable},
                {"name", string_variable },
                {"include_all", bool_variable},
                {"config_ids", int_array},
                {"runs", ditionary<string, object> }
JObject cmd = (JObject)this.client.SendPost("add_plan_entry/#plan_id", data);

Having trouble figuring out where the error in the title is coming from, or how to view the formatted data Test Rail is receiving from my API calls. I should note my int array is an array of unique values, [1,2,3,4,5].


Hi there,

Thanks for your post! It’s difficult to tell with the sample you’ve provided here as we’re unable to see any specifics (and I also noticed there was a typo here for ‘ditionary’ that may also cause some errors eventually). Generally, this error is provided when an ID in your config_ids array is not a valid ID (it doesn’t exist) or if it is duplicated in the array. You’re also welcome to send us an e-mail directly to with some specifics in case you’d rather keep this private, however please note that we generally are unable to provide troubleshooting for custom scripts/code but we’re happy to look at specific API calls to ensure the formatting is correct. Hope this helps!