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Button "Pass & Next" does not set elapsed time



our testers report the following issue:

  • Select a test and click the Play-Button in the panel on the right
  • do your testing with success
  • Click “Pass & Next”

    –> Jumps the next test - that works fine
    –> Sets the former test to passed - that works fine
    –> Put the elapsed into the test result - that does not work, the elapsed time field is empty

The pass&next button is really helpful if you are working through tests that can be done quite fast - but it becomes useless for us if it does not set the elapsed time.

Kind regards


Hi Manuela,

Thanks for reporting this! We will make sure to review this and try to reproduce it.



I’m also experiencing this issue.


Thanks for your feedback, Shai! It’s planned to address this with the next version (after the upcoming 5.3).



Just tested it again with TestRail version

Works fine. Thx.


Great to hear. Thank you for the update.