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Bulleted List Layout odd


Hi out there :slight_smile:

Good tool, indeed!
However, even the best tools can be improved further…

I’ve an issue with bulletted lists:

Source as shown here:

generates an unexpected result as shown here:

I’d prefer not to have item 1 and item 2 separated by an additional line. However, the space between item 2 and item 3 is by intention. Is there a way to avoid this unexpected effect?

Thanks in advance.




Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the post! With the Markdown you provided, the interpreter reads the entire list as a double-spaced list and includes an extra space between each item.
To be interpreted as 2 separate lists with separate spacing, some other text entity would need to appear between the list items.

As a workaround to this, you can include a blank line, then a white-space surrounded by backticks, and another blank line in between the list items like this:

* Single 1
* Single 2

` `

* Double 1

* Double 2

The above code would be interpreted as a single-spaced list and a double-spaced list:

  • Single 1
  • Single 2

  • Double 1

  • Double 2

I hope this helps you achieve the display you were hoping for.



Hi Jon,

yep, that works. Strange in source view, but what the heck…

Thanks for the fast reply :smiley: