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Bulk User Upload?


I’m currently using the TestRail Hosted Trial version, setting up a POC for a large pilot I’m organising. For this pilot I’m aiming for about 150-200 testers to participate.

Does testrail have the option to add 150 users in bulk, similar to the test case upload? And also, does testrail offer the option to add these 150 users in an inactive state, without sending them the project URL and password information. Only after setting the users to active should they receive their login information. Is that possible?



Thanks for your posting. Bulk-adding users is currently not supported but we understand that this is important and it is planned to look into this. If you have an existing authentication system in place (such as Active Directory or LDAP), you can look into integrating with these systems and TestRail can automatically add users on their first successful login:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.