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Bulk update not giving all test case the same comment

Hi, when i do bulk update on my test cases, it seems only giving a comment to the first test case on the list, should it be all have the same comment?

If understandable if the step result will not showing as per test case will not have the same step length, but for comments it should only one per test result (status given each time).

Hi sukma,

If adding test results in bulk, the comment field should certainly be filling all selected tests with the same comment. To be accurate by adding results in bulk, I mean checking the box to select all tests you wish to add results then use the “+Add Results” link.

If you select multiple tests but only click on the first test to change the status from “Untested” to another status, this operation would only update the first test.

Please try again and be sure to use the “Add Results” after selecting multiple tests, let me know if you have further questions or if this is not the behavior you are seeing.

Hello, sorry for very late reply. It seems that it works as per you told in this comment. But i think i made a mistake on previous try. Thank you very much for your help

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