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Bulk Open JIRA IDs Script?

Has anyone written a customization to open all the items listed on the Defects tab for a Test Run? Sometimes its quite a few clicks to open all of the unique (JIRA) bug ids.

Has anyone addressed this to open the bug ids individually or by sending them in bulk into a JIRA (or other) filter to open them as a list?


Hi Damian,

While we don’t have an exact example of this, nor do we have a professional services team to make one, it could be possible to create a UI Script which would add a “Open All” link to the page. This would need to be javascript based to capture the existing defect links and combine it into a single link. Keep in mind such a behavior may be unsupported by some browsers or blocked by ad blockers. If you would like to try and create this script check out our documentation to get started.

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Thanks for the links. I knew we may have to go in this direction, but I didn’t want to “re-invent the wheel” if the work had been done previously and published for general use.