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Bulk GET API endpoints change

As noted in the documentation of the API:

info Please Note: As of February 26, 2021 the data structure returned by bulk GET API endpoints will change. These bulk endpoints will no longer return an array of all entities, but will instead return an object with additional pagination fields and an array of up to 250 entities.To see the new response structure and test any necessary code changes, include the following header and value in your API requests: x-api-ident: beta.

Should not this breaking API change bump the API version as result?
What I mean instead of calling /index.php?/api/v2/ should be /index.php?/api/v3/.
This way existing tools, scripts, and integrations would not break.

Maybe that is the plan altogether, but that is not indicated in the message in a clear way. It just states that API will change.