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Bulk-generation of TestRuns based on a single TestCase


Hi there! I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to generate multiple test-runs from a single test-case.

For example: I have 20 identical microwave machines that I need to test. I write one test-case, and need to generate 20 test-runs from this test-case in order to test each of the 20 microwave ovens. Do I have to create each test-run one-at-a-time? Or is there a way to bulk-generate the test-runs? I am hoping there is a way to bulk-generate the test-runs. I really do not want to have to create 20 separate test-cases (one for each device) in order to quickly generate test-runs. The test is the same…the only thing different is the physical device the testing is being conducted on.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



You can create a test plan and then add the test suite into the test plan.
You can edit the configuration, add a group name “oven” and put 20 different members into the group.
Then you can generate 20 test runs via the suite through the configuration automatically.



Thank-you! I was clearly using the “Configurations” incorrectly. Won’t the list of groups and items in the Configuration screen grow too large at some point?


Hi Ravi,

I would also recommend using configurations in this case. You would need to add the same microwave oven 20 times though if you want to start 20 test runs. This would still be much faster than adding the run manually as TestRail would automatically start one test run for each configuration.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias, I did exactly that. However, I added items to the configuration group by serial number to differentiate each of the identical pieces of hardware being tested.

Is there ever a time that you can delete configurations that have been used in (closed) testruns? It would seem that the number of configurations could grow very quickly.


Hello Ravi,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, you can delete old configurations and this is supported. It wouldn’t affect closed test runs/plans and only active test runs/plans.



Perfect! Sorry to keep bugging, but one more question based on my original scenario and your feedback.

I have created a Configuration Group for the Microwave Ovens, and the group contains 20 separate items (one for each device). I have now run my 1 test-case against each device in that Configuration Group and all the test-runs have passed. Is there a way to pass all the test-runs in one bulk-change type of action? Or will I go thru each of the test-runs one-by-one and close them accordingly?

Thanks again for all the assistance!



Hello Ravi!

Yes, you can use the bulk-add for results to pass multiple tests in one step (in a single test run). You would need to do this for each test run but can pass multiple/all tests in a run with just a few clicks. Just select the tests you want to pass and click the Add Results button:

We would usually recommend going through the tests run by run (as opposed to testing case by case across multiple runs).

I hope this helps!