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Bulk editing > 100 tests causes drop down fields to say [various] when they all have the same value


Hi guys,

Just reporting a bug I’ve come across lately in TestRail

If you apply some filters in a large test suite and then select > 100 tests that have the same value for a given drop-down field, and then launch the Bulk Edit dialog via the Edit -> Selected menu item, the drop-down will say [various] instead of the correct value for that field.

If you select < 100 tests the issue does not occur.

It even reports [various] for a field that is empty on all test cases (the field is completely empty because it’s a new field that was just created).


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback. That’s an optimization TestRail makes with more than 100 cases in order to limit the amount of comparisons if has to do (if you bulk-edit more than 100 cases, TestRail always assumes that a field contains various values). It doesn’t change the way the bulk-edit form behaves and this also wouldn’t change the actual values of the cases when you save the form of course, it’s just that it would show “[various]” instead of the actual value for optimization reasons.



Rather than give [various] multiple meanings, could you use a different word to indicate this assumption has been made? It made me second guess my selections and ultimately wasted some time.

Personally, I’d value the accuracy of the fields on the bulk edit screen over a small performance enhancement.


Hi Glenn,

Yes, that makes sense, thanks for the suggestion!