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Bulk edit of test result fields without editing the status



In the setup I work with, tests are executed nightly and results available for morning investigation. If some of the tests fail for a specific issue, then a jira number is associated with most recent failure - this works great. However, if there is 10-20 or 50 tests failing because of a critical issue I am unable to modify all failed tests in one go and forced to do it on one-by-one basis - this is not so good.

What are my options? API won’t help as there is no command available in help to edit most recent result.


Hi Rob,

Thank you for the post and information. TestRail would allow you to edit bulk edit test results to multiple tests at the same time. To do this you would simply need to either select multiple tests using their respective check boxes or filter your tests through the use of a filter. Once you have the tests you want to edit, you can select ‘Add Results’ button which will allow you to add results at the same time.


Hi martylavender.

This is not entirely accurate. ‘Add Results’ is not the same as edit last result.
Adding new result will overwrite any notes inserted in previous result. This is not acceptable solution.


Hey Rob,

You are correct. This will enter a brand new result for all of your tests. TestRail does not allow you to bulk edit results and maintain them in the way you are wanting to handle this. You would need to either manually edit them, or you would end up with brand new results for all edited tests.


Thank you for your response Marty. The inability to streamline simple action is unfortunate.

Is there a way to request a feature > to bulk edit test results.
Is there a way to create ticket for missing functionality > no REST API call, equivalent to modifying single test result?


Hey Rob,

Thank you for the follow up post. I have gone ahead and opened a new feature request for you in regards to this and added your vote.

In the future, you can either suggest functionality here via the forum or you can send a request to


This is a standard QA practice i was looking at the same thing as Rob. We have 50 Failures that were reported during the automated run in the morning we have to go to each one to edit the defect number waste of time for my testers.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your feedback! We would typically just recommend adding a new result in TestRail, as the edit feature is designed for simple text edits/changes (e.g. such as fixing typos, etc). Adding a new result is also possible in bulk as well. That said, we’re happy to review this for a future update, and I’ve added your vote to the request as well.



Please add my vote for this feature as well.