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Bulk Edit of Test Cases


Hi, I have a few custom fields, let’s call them IE6, IE7, and IE8.

They are all checkboxes, and their default value is “unchecked”.

I have added them to my Test Cases, so they appear at the top of each case.

I would now like to edit some of my Test Cases to tick IE6 and IE7, but not IE8.

Currently I have to edit each Test Case individually, tick the boxes, then “Save Test case”, and do it for every Test Case.

Is there a way to bulk edit this? E.g. tick the checkboxes next to the Test Cases I want to edit, select “next” the tick the IE6 and IE7, and upon hitting “Save” it will tick the boxes for all of the selected Test Cases?


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not possible to bulk/mass edit test cases (you can “only” add test results for many tests at once). That said, it’s on our feature request list and we will look into this for a future update.



I’d like to add my vote for this to be included in the next release. Perhaps restricted to non-text fields and comment fields only.


Thanks for the feedback. We will be looking into this for the release after the next one (which we are finalizing at the moment). We would like to add quite a few “power user” and usability things to the release after the next one so this would be a good fit (though I cannot make any promises at this point as we will first to clarify details and design the feature & scope).



I know that this post is from a couple of years ago. Are there still plans to add this feature? I’m finding that it would be very useful.


Yes, there are still plans to add this and this is one of the things we would like to look into for one/several larger UI updates this year. This feature is one of the most popular feature requests and has a higher priority for us for this reason.