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Bugzilla Integration Problem


Hello, I am one of the users of Testrail (possessing both licensed and trial version), and there is something that I would like to ask. I am trying to integrate Bugzilla (Cloud trial version) and facing the error, “Plugin “Bugzilla” returned an error: You must select/enter a OS. (faultCode: 50)."

I also found the same question, and there were two solutions available.

  1. Changing the field to not required in Bugzilla (recommended). This is the easiest option and can also be used to test the integration temporarily.
  2. Customizing the Bugzilla defect plugin in TestRail and adding the field to the push dialog. This is more complicated and requires some changes to the source code of the defect plugin as explained here:

Here’s my question. Since option #2 will be complicated to me, I tried using option #1. However, I do not really understand how to change the field (that does not require OS to be selected/entered). Even though I searched in Google and all the tabs/options (like Administration/preferences) in my Bugzilla, I could not identify/discover the settings that is related to OS options. In the “OS” field in Bugzilla, there is a sentence, "
We’ve made a guess at your operating system and platform. Please check them and make any corrections if necessary." Is my problem related to this sentence?

When I tried integrating Testrail with Jira, it worked really well. I don’t still understand the integration problem between Testrail and Bugzilla.

I will wait for your response.

Thank you


P.S. I was able to find cloud trial version through google search (because I did not want to spend too much time for installing Bugzilla in my Server).


I solved the problem already.
Solution: Go to “Administration” Tab -> Click “Parameter” -> Click “Bug Fields” in Index Box -> Make sure that the user pre-select OS (in defaultopsys) & platform (in defaultplatform) -> Don’t forget to save changes.


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you found the solution already. Please let us know in case any further questions come up and have a good week!