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Bugs created in JIRA automatically added to TestRail


Hi there,

I am looking to automate any bugs tagged with a specific release version in JIRA to automatically be added to a “Release Bug Fixes” test case/section in TestRail for the same release version.

For example, on JIRA we have a release branch v1.0 for bugs/features that get created and are tagged with this version I would like them to be put into my TestRail “Test Suites & Cases” section called “Release Bug Fixes”.

In the Release Bug Fixes case, I have all the versions of the software listed as different sections…In each all the bugs listed per release. Before the release can be issued all of the bugs have to be marked as necessary.

Currently, I have to manually go into JIRA and do a scan of all the bugs listed and ensure they are listed in TestRail as well…cumbersome and bugs could get missed. It works well though once they are all listed and the references to JIRA are in there.

Any suggestions?