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BUG with screenshots as attachments

In this new version, now we see the included screenshots as attached files.
If we copy an existing test case (for example with 2 screenshots) to create a new one and edit the screenshots (with 2 new screenshots), we are keeping the 4 attachments.

The problem comes when we delete the 2 old attachments from the new test case and then we check the original test case -> the references are there, but the files were deleted.

I think that this should not work like this.


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Hi @jmrg82

Me either. That’ll be a bug. :frowning:

Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll get a fix out for this ASAP.


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Yeah, I’ve encountered this too. Hoping this will be fixed right away.

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hi Gurock team,

any update on issues related to attachments after upgrading it to

Team is facing loads of issues as we are not able to add attachments / screenshots for few executions while as for some cases not able to delete/download the attachments.

Error says rights issue, and nothing is been changed on roles and permissions


Hi all - we are working on a fix. I can’t give you a specific date when it will be released right now though, I’m afraid.

Please rest assured this is getting our full attention though, and sorry for any inconvenience caused while this issue persists.