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Bug with Markup?


Hi Dennis,

Not sure where’s the appropriate place to report bugs, so I put it here.

We noticed what seems to be a bug with the markup text logic. We confirmed it with the italicization but could very affect all the other syntax characters.

Take for example the case where you have this test step/text:

When submitted, everything between the first instance “server” and the second instance of “image” will appear italicized. So it looks like this:

imageserver: Do the following steps with imageserver

This is clearly wrong since the logic should take into consideration the location of the “_” character.
If it is preceded or followed by a non-space character, formatting should not change.

What are your thoughts on this ?



Hello Rami,

Thanks for the posting. Posting bug reports here in the forum is perfectly fine, and you can also email us, whichever you prefer.

I agree that this should be improved and I’ve opened it as a bug report. We will take a look at this in the next days and will include a fix for this in one of the next updates. If you aren’t using Markdown formatting for this field, it’s also possible to disable formatting completely under Administration > Custom Fields (even for the “built-in” test case fields). This might be a workaround until we have the fix for this.



Thanks for the reply Dennis.
Unfortunately, we are using Markdown formatting for this field, it would be unpractical for us to change it’s type.
In the meantime, since the problem is fairly limited to a couple of test suites, we’ve exported/escaped/re-imported those test suistes with characters causing the problem.



Hello Rami,

Thanks for the update. We’ve already fixed the issue and the bug fix will be included in the next update (likely available later this week). As I just learned, another workaround would be to escape the problematic word with backticks like this to format it as code: image_server



Great to hear !

We considered doing that too :slight_smile: but decided on limiting the changes to our existing test suites since this was an actual bug. Once we deploy the new release, we’ll be able to easily go back and “search and replace” the special patterns in the db that we created in the first place. (for example: image_server)

thanks for the suggestions,


That makes sense, and the new version should be available fairly soon now.