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Bug? When I copy test cases, test rail is also inserting tests from separate projects


I’m running into a problem where whenever I copy test cases from a project it also moves tests cases from completly seperate project:
For example:
Lets say I have 2 Projects, Project A, and Project B.
In project A I have two test cases that I’d like to duplicate in project A. So I click the boxes and move the cases until I get a dialog that allows me to copy them.
When I click Copy I get this error:

And when I refresh the page, my two test cases are copied over but also two cases from Project B have moved over.

It seems to move the cases not copy them, so it’s extra annoying because I have to find where they belong instead of deleting them.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your posting. Are you copying cases with Copy/Move Test Cases dialog or via drag & drop in the same case repository/suite? TestRail would only copy the exact cases you selected (determined by the IDs) but we are happy to review this. Are you on TestRail Cloud or TestRail Server? Can you send us a quick email to so we can review the logs/work on enabling debug logging?