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Bug when editing a saved test result (steps and actual results utalized)!



If I for some reason need to pause a test run and want to take up the testing again the day after, then I’m allowed to edit the test run, but I’m not able to change the top level test status. - Even if I end up failing a step, the top level test status remains unchanged, typically at “passed”.

I know I can just add another test run, but that is not a good workaround as I have logged actual results in the steps, and then I have to look at several test runs to review my testing.

By the way; Is this the right arena to post bug reports or should I have osted this somewhere else.

My TestRail instance is


Hi Håvard,

Thanks for your posting! You can simply add another test result in this case and continue with the next step where you left off. This way you can either set the status to passed again (which wouldn’t change the overall result) or change the status to something else if you find an issue, for example.

Feel free to post in this forum or send your feedback via email to

I hope this helps!



Had we some update on this “editing a saved test result” feature? In my opinion we shouldn’t need to create a new (and incomplete test result) just to fix other test result. This doesn’t look a good practice and it looks awful and confusing when generating reports from test runs.

Another useful feature would be to be able to continue the Elapsed time when editing the test result.


Edgar Montez


Hi Edgar,

Thanks for your feedback. We don’t have an update on this at this point. Adding a new test result instead of editing/changing the previous one has a few significant advantages (such as an immutable test history) but I understand that this is not required by all teams and a bit more flexibility here would be great to have.