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Bug - tooltips not working on the latest Chrome browser


On Safari, if I hover over the test title, I get a tooltip with the full name. On Chrome, no tooltip.



Thanks, Brian. I can confirm that the tooltips are not working for the cases but do work for the tests, can you confirm this?



I don’t see tooltips working for either cases nor tests results.



It’s working for me with the latest Chrome version on the test page but we will make sure to review this feature again for all pages. Thanks again for reporting this!



This is the version of Chome (the latest) 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit)


Thanks, Brian! We will make sure to review this.



Hey guys,

I am having a similar issue.
When I create new test runs and am selecting specific cases to be included on those runs, I hover over the test case names to see the full test name (as the test name is usually very long) and am not getting any tooltip.

I’m using the latest Chrome version.




Hello Ashi,

Thanks for your posting! Do you mean the dialog where you select your cases for a run/plan? This dialog doesn’t have any tooltips for the case title currently but you can resize the dialog (and dialog columns) to make it bigger.