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Bug: The steps dissapear after save edition

Hi all,

we discovered the next bug in TestRail ( TestRail v6.2.2.1107).

When the user edits a test case from the test run view and save it, all the steps disappear.


  • Test case created with multiple and separated steps
  • Test run created
  • Test case added to the test run


  1. Go to Test Run view
  2. Over the same view open the test run for the test case
  3. Over the test run click on edit
  4. Modify something in the test case
  5. Click on Save button

Current behavior
The steps are deleted.

Expected behavior
The steps should persist.

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Hi guys. The problem also exists from the Test Cases view (ie. it’s not restricted to editing when you’re coming from the test or test run, as opposed to coming from the test cases).

Considering editing test cases from the right-hand test (case) preview panel was a main feature of TestRail 6.2 (“Fast Track Editing”), I am surprised, to say the least, to see this does not appear to have a fix on May 26th.

Am I missing something?

Hi folks - we only became aware of this issue recently, and expect a fix for it to be available shortly. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.



Hi, could you tell me in which version this bug was fixed? Looked through the release notes, but can’t seem to find in which release it was addressed. Thanks Sergio


Hey Sergio,

Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your post.

This issue was fixed as part of release. Please refer the release notes here :

Let me know if this helps !