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Bug or improvement? Assigning configuration to a user does not assign the associated test cases


Noticed that when assigning a Configuration to a particular user, the test cases are not also automatically associated to that user as well.

What is the point of assigning a configuration and not the test cases? It would be nice to at least be given the option without having to go into the configuration and do that separately. (Are there cases when users would the two to be different? What’s the most popular use case?)



Hi Marci,

Thank you for your post. Whenever you create a test plan and then add configurations to it, if you assign the overall test run to a specific user and the subsequent configurations are set to ‘As Above’, all of the configurations including the test run itself will be assigned to the specific user you select.

Is this not what you are seeing?


hi Marty,

This is what I mean, and what is happening:

I want to assign certain configurations (and their test cases) to certain testers, but doing that doesn’t change who the test cases are assigned to.


Hey Marci,

When you are assigning a configuration and you leave some set as ‘As above’ it is referring to the overall run and not the configuration above it. So in this case, only the one configuration you assigned would show the new user. The other two configurations would still be assigned to you.


Hey Marty,

What I mean is that when you assign a config to somebody, the test cases
underneath that config are not also assigned to them. I’m not sure what
the point of this is, or if maybe there’s a bug. Having configs alone
assigned to you does not make anything additional show up in your Todo tab.

Hope that’s clear.



Hi Marci,

Thanks for your reply! This would mainly be used for setting the assigned user upon test plan creation, or when setting the assignee for the first time. Once the assignee has been set at least once (e.g. in this case it was set via the Above All option pointing to your user), then we would recommend changing the assignee from directly within the test run (via the Assign To > Assign all in filter option). This would also update the user’s Todo tab with their assigned tests from the configuration run. Hope this helps!