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Bug or feature with pushing tests results to JIRA?


Found a problem with pushing tests ruselts to JIRA. So:
Get some case in run and set to it test result failed. Then click “push”, get JIRA task ID to filed Defect and click button “Add Test Result”. So we have nex sitaution in TestRail:

and in JIRA:

It means that everything is ok.
But! Another scheme: click in case “Add Test Result”, choose status “failed”, click “Push”.

set form for JIRA and click “Submit”

and in main form for test result click “Cansel”. So we have:

  1. Task in JIRA with empty from for TestRail
  2. Case withought test result

    And in future if we set test result for acse it will not be shown in JIRA because JIRA task haven’t defect link with case in TestRail.
    So is this bug or feature?


Hi there!

If you click Cancel in the Add Test Result and don’t save the result and the JIRA issue ID, then TestRail wouldn’t be able to link the result to the JIRA issue (as you didn’t save the result), so this is the expected behavior. The JIRA add-on would show the result either when test results are linked via the Defects field or the test case behind the results via the References field.

I hope this helps!