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Bug in forecasting (v5.0.2.3372)


I have 34 test cases in TestRail with estimate in each test case. Also the estimate is displayed.
The problem is that in progress tab i see incorrectly calculated both estimate and forecast.
When I just export all tests into Excel and make my calculation it’s 10.5 hrs, but TestRail is telling me that it’s 18 hrs. It’s a massive difference.

Is there any known workaround?

I know that there’s a new version of TestRail available (, we are going to upgrade soon, but currently this issue is a blocker for me.

I look forward for some info from the community or TR developers.

Hi elb3k,

I’ve thoroughly tested the total estimate time for test runs under the newer versions of TestRail and was not able to trigger any false time estimates.

Also note that total estimate will always be based on estimated time provided for each test case. The forecast takes into account the estimate and actual elapsed time recorded.

If running TestRail Server and unsure about upgrades, we always recommend creating a staging server to test the upgrades or large changes before applying them to production.


My test cases are brand new with a few exceptions, but even when I took into consideration two instances where tests were already executed then still time is off by 7 hrs. It’s obviously a bug.