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[BUG] Different behaviour when tap next arrow


When you tap next arrow when you haven’t add any results, it will go to the next untested test case.

But when you tap the same arrow after you add result, it will go to next test case regardless if it’s been tested or not.

Is this a bug or expected feature? Kind of confusing from user experience.



After further experimentation, this behaviour is probably caused by the order of test cases. I sort them by “Assigned To” which put Passed test cases on the bottom of the list.


Hi there,

Thanks for the post! When using the navigation arrows to move between test cases, the order of navigation would depend on the order of the test cases as you had them sorted in the test run.

You can also use TestRail’s Fast Track (three-pane view) to navigate through your cases and add results. If you’re unfamiliar with this view, you can read about it here.