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Bug - Clicking From Summary To Main Test Case Brings Up Error Dialogue


If I switch from summary to select main test case I see an error dialogue before it loads.


1- Click ‘Test Cases’ to view a list of test cases
2- For 1 of the test case rows click the right side arrow to open the summary view beside the list of test cases
3- Click the name of a test case in the list of test cases
4- Observe error dialogue 'An error occurred during the last operation or your installation is currently in maintenance mode. Please try again or refresh the current page’
5- Error dialogue disappears
6- Main view for selected test case loads


Hi there!

Thanks for reporting this and we will make sure to look into this. We haven’t managed to reproduce it so far but will review this in more detail.

Thanks again!



I have a video to better show the issue if you require. Testrail forum does not allow video uploads to posts though.



Yes, that would be great and you can send the video or share the link via email instead ( If the video is larger than a few MB, it would be easier to upload this somewhere and share a link instead of sending the video directly but this would work as well if it’s small.

Thanks a lot!



I just wanted to let you know that we could reproduce this issue in the meantime and already updated TestRail with a fix.

Thanks again for reporting this issue, that’s really appreciated!



Ok great I’m happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks again :slight_smile:



I am still encountering this issue and also getting “TestRailAPIException: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to” while posting results to the TestRail through automation scripts.


Hello Nupur,

Thanks for your posting! This is not actually related to the original thread and ‘An error occurred during the last operation…’ is a generic error message. Are you trying to implement a UI script to trigger your automated tests? Similar to the following example?

I’m asking as TestRail wouldn’t generate the error message you posted (‘TestRailAPIException: Unknown SSL protocol error…’) and this looks like a customization.



I am not triggering the test cases from UI script instead I am posting the results to the TestRail through my automation scripts using TestRail API directly.

I have created a new thread. please refer Thread for details.


Thanks, Nupur, just added my answer to the other thread.