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Bug? Bold Formatting not getting set



I am seeing that some of the formatting I am adding to the test cases is not getting set appropriately, showing the “VALUE” instead of the value getting bolded:

This seems like a bug.


Hi HKuan,

Thanks for your posting. Can you confirm this only happens if the word is the last in the line or sentence? I’ve added this to our list and we will review this on our side as well, thanks for reporting this!



I don’t think this is because its the last word in the line is the root cause of the problem. It may be related to when you are using multiple types of formatting such as bullets in conjunction with bold.


Thanks, HKuan. We couldn’t reproduce this right away so it’s likely a combination of multiple things. We will make sure to review this behavior again and include a fix with one of the next versions.



Bold formatting in tables doesn’t work either


Hi Jasper,

Thanks for your feedback. The tables only support links and back ticks (for pre-formatted text/code), so this would be expected. We couldn’t reproduce the bold formatting issue in lists but will review this again for the next version.