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Bold / slanted text in text boxes does not work as expected


Hi out there :slight_smile:

I’m in need of a piece of advice:

How can I make some letters in a word stand out?
I was not successful in getting the capital letters in the following example set in bold:

__This__isa__T__est did not work
Nor does **T**hisisa**T**est

The only bold letter was the initial T.
And even the initial T failed to turn bold if preceded by e.g. a bracket open.

What was my fault?

Thanks in advance!



Is this what you are looking for?

If so - just put spaces in the sentence:
Between the _ and ‘is’ and between ‘is’ and ‘a’ and then after the ‘a’ and the __ before the last ‘T’.


Hi BGranger,

not quite…
I’d like to get it without spaces interspersed.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t have time to offer a solution, but perhaps some of the techniques offered by @j.callahan in the following thread I posted to might give you ideas how to achieve your desired appearance:
Formatting not working in some cases


Thanks, Dan :smiley:

Unfortunately, for me, it does not work out as expected:


is rendered as:


I guess that there are some weak spots in the mark-up interpretation, present for years now.
Let’ s hope for the best that these might be tackled in the near future, probably with some mark-up extensions like colours…