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Bold format not working within single quotes


I want to embolden certain words and use ** before and after to do this. This works for the last word within a string that is inside single quotes but it does not for the first word. Examples:
‘Sort Order Asc’ works
Scan Order Desc’ does not, I have attached screenshot to show this.

Is this a bug or is there a workaround for it please?


Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your posting and reporting this. Yes, this appears to be an issue with the Markdown formatting and we will make sure to look into this. A workaround would be to add a space after & before the bold words, would this be an option?



Thanks Tobias, I already have my own work around (take it out of single quotes) but your suggestion is also fine for me.


Hi Lynn,

Good to hear that this works for you :slight_smile: