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'blocked' status as a final status?


I see in the administration panel for ‘edit status’ that for ‘blocked’ (for example) I can’t edit the status as a final status or that it is active (“Please note: You are editing a system status. Some properties cannot be changed.”)

I don’t quite understand why ‘blocked’ is a final status, since in our case at least these are tests that are blocked by a bug currently open, but once that bug is fixed this will come back to us to test (set to ‘retest’). As such, we are definitely not done with it and it skews my progress/forecast statistics to have ‘passed’, ‘failed’ and ‘blocked’ all considered ‘completed’.

Any chance we’ll be able to edit those properties in the future?

In the meantime, I guess my only option is to come up with a new, custom status for the way we use ‘blocked’? But then I’d still have the system status ‘blocked’ as an option because I also can’t edit the ‘active’ status of a system status.



Thanks for your posting. Yes, I understand your question and we discussed this here as well. It’s a bit of an edge case because in many cases it can also make sense to consider this as a final status (e.g. when it is not possible for you to “unblock” the test). We will look into making this configurable for a future version. If this property is critical for you, I would recommend using a custom status for this for now (e.g. Blocked Temporarily).



Hello, I’m interested in that feature as well. Can you un-block possibility to un-check
? :slight_smile: