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Blank Test Runs


Hi there,

I am having some trouble with some of the tests we have. On some of them although I can see all of the steps and pictures in the test case, when I run the test, it is blank. In the attached screenshot you can see the text behind which is part of the test steps which should be showing. I am an admin, and I have checked my access, and I am a superlead in that particular project. My Tester has the same problem, he has designer access. On cases in other projects I can see things just fine.

In another suite in a different project, I can see the test steps, but none of the images show. I can see them fine in the test case itself.

Any ideas? We are currently awaiting an upgrade (for a loooooooong time!) and so are only on v2.5.1.1626 :open_mouth:



Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your posting! I assume this happens in some projects and not in others, is this correct? If so, the custom field (“Step Results”) on Administration > Customizations is only assigned to some projects but not all you have:

Can you/an administrator look into this and change the project assignments? Happy to help in case you have any questions.