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Better search for sections in the create test case view



I like to propose a feature request.

We have now our one big suite and with that we have a huge number of sections. When one is now in the “Create Test Case” view, and selects the “Section” field, the shown section list is overwhelming and fills the complete height of the screen.

This makes it hard to navigate and find the corresponding section.

I would love to see a more suggestion type widget, such as this one I stole from a google search

this would make the ui not so packed



Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your feedback! For large test suites, it can also make sense to add the cases directly on the case repository page with the inline Add Case feature. This is comparable to how you would add new files in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder (you would first navigate to the folder and then add a new file). This is especially easy with the two compact view modes which only show the current group or the current group + subgroups.



thanks for the answer - yeah the inline Add Case feature is something I also use. Just once in a while I click the Add Case button or (being a shortcut fan), simply hit c and then the problem comes up.

It might help (JediHandWaving) when the selected section in the overview page is pre selected when creating a new test case ? Or is this technical not possible as the right side are groups and no sections ?


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for the additional details. We are happy to look into this for a future version and this makes especially sense for large test suites / case repositories.

Thanks again for your feedback!