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Best way to develop custom reports for locked down server


I would like to be able to develop some custom reports but our sandbox and production servers are owned by a support team. The method of developing custom reports seems straightforward but I am not sure how to test them other than adding them to the TestRail server (to which I do not have direct access). One method that I thought might work would be to point the /custom/reports directory at a share. Another idea I had is for your team to create a report development kit that provides everything a user needs to develop AND test a report without needing the server. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations?


Hello Todd,

Thanks for your posting! The built-in reports are very flexible and you can usually use one of the built-in templates or combination of multiple templates. I’m happy to provide possible implementations if you could let me know what you are looking for. If you still want to develop a custom report, you can also look into installing a local trial, develop the report and then deploy it to your production server once you are happy with the results.