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Best Practice for managing Automated and Manual Test

Hi there, I have looked at some previous discussion around managing Automated and Manual test within Test Rails. One consistent solution I’ve seen was to utilize the custom fields which indicate rather the test is automated or not. We are currently using a custom field for the automation status but this still causes some issues for us. Below I will explain and hopefully you have some suggestions for us.

  1. We currently use a Custom Field for the Automation Type. The man values are Not For Automation, Candidate and Automated.
    Our automation team is separate from the project teams. So in order for the Manual QAs to identify which tests are automated or not we use the custom field. This has become problematic because, though the test case is in an Automated status. Our QAs are updating the manual steps but the automated test is not being updated. We are using Ranorex for our automation and there is no way to flag the automated test if the associated manual test steps are updated. It would be good if the QA would make note of it; however, the QAs are seldom bottle necked and are not thinking automation first. As a workaround we are using a daily report that list all tests with recent updates, it isn’t the best but it is helpful for oversight.

2. Creating a separate automation project to house automated test cases.
To address #1 we are thinking of creating an automation project and use the Test Suites for the different platforms. Then, once the test is automated either move/copy the test to their respective suite in the automation project within Test Rails.

  • Issue with Copying the test
  • When coping the test I have not seen a way to link a test case to another test case within two different projects. Is this possible?
  • Issue with Moving the test
  • This is more of a concern then an issue. Some of our QAs feel if we move the test, they will not know if there is a test available in their projects that covers a certain scenario since the tests have been moved. Though I bevel they will just have to search in their project and in automation project if they can not find what they are looking for in their project repo.

Our company is moving all our tests from Jira over to Test Rails so the automation team is trying to come up with an automation test case process in Test Rails that will help us succeed going forward, and which also doesn’t not cause a lot of maintenance. If you have any additional advice on this please tell.